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Expert Google, Meta, Amazon PPC Specialist helping to optimize for improved Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), optimized campaign structures, and SEO-focused Campaigns.

PPC Results

See below for real results from 2023.

 We increased ROAS, non-branded orders, and optimized for balanced branded and non-branded advertising.

“Takeaways from above mid-month report:

  • In February, Branded sales made up 50.2% of sales. In march this dropped by 10%!
  • In march, non-branded sales increased by almost 300 orders! In April, they increased by almost 10,000 from the following month!
  • ROAS has steadily increased for both branded & non-branded advertising.
  • On target to increase non-branded ROAS to over 4.0!
  • You’ll see branded sales are accounting for about half of the sales this month. We are halfway through the month, so I will work on shifting over to non-branded.”

Cuttin Edge Marketing Tech 👨‍💻

We are on the cutting edge of marketing. We use old-school methods, recommendations from advertising platforms, and developer tools to complete our picture of best-in-class digital advertising.

Specifically, we make use of automation & API’s to maximize performance through better reporting, rule-based PPC changes, all while minimizing risk with our conversion-focused approach to optimized advertising spend.

					from amazon_ppc import automator
automator.update_keywords(account, data)

Go with an expert who is constantly learning and evolving with technology, rather than low-skilled marketers who sell ‘click funnels’ powered by smoke and mirrors. 

We even built our own PPC automater to assist our Amazon PPC specialist in providing the best results over multiple campaigns. Instead of outsourcing our campaigns or clinging to old methods, we are constantly evolving with technology in order to provide the best results.

Google & Amazon PPC Specialist NYC

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