Reporting Dashboard with Streamlit

Streamlit Marketing Dashboard built with Python!

I recommend visiting to see the app full-screen,

You can try to view the iFrame below, but to be honest, the overflow:scroll; style hasn’t been working for me…Click the > to open the nav menu & explore if you want!

Free Python Code!

The report was built primarily with the Python, Pandas, Plotly and libraries. Check out the github if you’d like to clone the above dashboard & use it as a template.

Why use streamlit

After a couple years of report anxiety caused by frustrated & confused clients, as well as the failed attempts at using Google Data Studio effectively, I decided to learn Python and develop my own Marketing Dashboard that gets clients everything they need in one place.

What started as an attempt to automate the boring report stuff quickly morphed into an obsession to use for create automated marketing reporting dashboards.

My clients have been satisfied with their new dashboards and are already starting to ask better questions about their advertising spend & overall are trusting me more to manage their accounts.

Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

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