The Appaloosa is an American horse breed known for its unique coat.

Their coloring is distinct not only from other breeds, but from one another. I like to think this symbolizes each individual brand and customer, where no two are identical.

Marketing and advertising principles might not change, but the strategy for each company and audience should.

Appaloosa horse running on the meadow in summer time

Why I do this

I’ve always been an entrepreneur myself, so enjoy learning the ins-and-outs of new businesses, as well as the creativity and problem-solving required to grow an existing business, or launch a new product or service.

The constant waves of new technologies and challenges create an ever-changing marketing industry which continually generates new problems requiring new solutions. This may sound terrible and anxiety-provoking, but I like it.

On top of this, I take pleasure in working with entrepreneurs & business-owners. Their ambition and passion inspire me to keep learning and growing myself.

This one might be AI-generated

My motives

At the moment, this business is primarily just me managing accounts day-to-day.

Having a lean, freelance business model allows me to charge less than agencies, while providing the same, and often better results. I should know—I worked at agencies for 2+ years.

But more than that, being a freelancer allows me to keep being an entrepreneur. And I truly believe that makes me a better marketer. I am constantly gaining experience and perspectives in my own projects, which help me to create & execute strategies for marketing clients.

Since becoming a freelancer, I’ve launched my own products online with 100+ 5 star reviews & #1 search result rankings in under a year. I’ve learned to code Python to keep up with the tech industry trends. And I’ve even built my own marketing AI assistant to help me analyze reports without charging an additional cost to clients.

Ask yourself: why would you hire an entry-level employee or an agency (who may just hire an entry-level employee to do the job), when you can pay the same cost or less for someone with 5+ years of marketing experience and who is actually an entrepreneur? You wouldn’t

Actually about me

I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and earned my undergraduate degree at The University of North Texas (40 minutes away from home.)

After the pandemic, I moved to NYC for no real reason, then later became a full-time freelancer.

During college, I waited tables, DJ’d and created promos at my college radio station, interned at production studios and marketing agencies, and launched a couple of failed businesses. Following graduation, I worked at agencies while freelancing whenever I could.

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I’m Michael, a Manhattan-based marketer from Texas.

I work with businesses to improve their revenue & ROI/ROAS online.

My experience includes ~3 years at agencies as an SEO / Ad manager, launching my own successful products online (100+ 5-star reviews on Amazon & #1 rankings on Google & Amazon in under a year!) and entry-level/intern work at production studios, a radio station, and a movie-marketing company.

* I’ve been freelancing full-time since January 2023.

I am strictly compliant with platform policies, stay up-to-date with industry changes, and am familiar with dozens of tools to improve & simplify marketing operations. Additionally, I use automation and AI in-house to analyze data and improve performance.

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Thanks for taking the time to read! I appreciate it.